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Untitled, 2020

In this still-life painting, I was mainly intended to use my pre-existing knowledge on the traditional drawing and painting techniques in combination with the digital tools - of painting in photoshop - I started relatively recent. The style of this painting is inspired by post-impressionist artists such as Henri Matisse and Paul Cézanne by the ways that the paintings in that era, defy the aesthetic conventions by the rules of realism. Conceptually speaking, in the making of the painting I was searching for, how would the processes of making digital art can manifest a way to defy similar conventions and co-exist with the other traditional art forms despite the popular prejudices against the digital paintings on how it mimics but not creates a unique artwork.

   By transforming a pre-arranged material composition into a surreal artistic rendition of objects used in the composition, where the rules of gravity do not apply, I asked viewers to be involved into seeing the potential in how a digital art piece can be used to project a voice that both intervenes and makes its remark in the traditional art world. To achieve that dialogic conversation between the viewers and the art piece, I positioned a cat that looks directly at the viewer at the left side of the composition to further increase that tension.

   The composition has also taken much use of its pastel color palette to present its artistic style but is layered with shadows that bring out the illusion of elevation.

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