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How the Other Half Invades, 2018

How the Other Half Invades is an interactive art experience that criticizes the work of Jacob Riis’ book “How the Other Half Lives” on his intrusion into New York City slums in the 1800s. Although Riis uses photojournalism to expose the living conditions of the poor, in his book, he passes along a nearsighted racist attitude toward many ethnic groups in that area. The installation includes three photographs of Riis’ work, along with interactive components

(motion sensors, lights, speakers) being presented in a dark room.

   As participants navigate themselves through dark passageways, they will trigger motion sensors attached to each of the installations that light up the images - in a brief flash-like action - also turn up the speakers that play the voice-overs from Riis’s selected passages. Inexperience, participants will be situated in between invading and witnessing these lives through the unaware and sudden triggering of the harmful discourse raised by Riis’ book. Participants question where and how they see of themselves - as spectators, viewers, observers etc. - also, how this discrimination would still apply in today’s socio-cultural context.

   This installation is encouraged for those who are openminded for an alternative way to address the problems relating to discrimination and class struggles in an artistic manner.

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