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Excavating Web-Sites, 2018

Excavating the Web-Sites: An Archaeological Approach to Digitized Historicity is a participatory art installation at the intersection of archaeology and digital fabrication. It highlights the historical and aural values of digital objects through initializing the role of archaeological processes in history-making by excavating artifacts. Participants will handle a collection of 3D printed broken bust statues of historical figures and the portrayal of the artist himself presented on a table setting for the archaeological processes of labeling and categorization. The challenging factor of performing will be the lack of determining objects when categorizing.

   This project draws into the question of whether this material categorization affects our personal relations with the digital objects in terms of their historicity. Also, to understand how the values of fragility and care shape the historical ontologies of digital objects that reside in the virtual archives.

   In this project, I utilize an archaeological enrollment of 3D printing to reflect on the concerns of immaterial categorization of digitally archived physical objects that might have an impact on the notion of digitized historicity.

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